Mud and Blood: Vietnam

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This game pitch you at the commands of an infantry platoon right in the midle of the viet nam war. This concept follows a RTS pattern (real time strategy). In this game you are commanding an infantry platoon and you will have to secure an old french bunker and hold it as long as you can against waves of viet congs while taking care of your men and logistic details.

The series mud and blood is there since long. I started it long ago with a World War 1 trench simulator back in the flash 4 days. The game was outrageously complex and brutal and scared most of my testers away.

So, I came with a new design later on, mainly to test some RTS algorithms I had in the back of my mind for a while. Mud and blood Vietnam includes a lot of nifty features. Its using a sound engine who's generating footsteps according to which surface is walked on, and it pans each sounds according to the location it should be heard. Mainly if a soldier fires a weapon and he is located to the right you will hear the shot in the right speaker. On the other hand, even if you can't see VCs sometimes, and if you listen carefully, you may hear from where they try to sneak in.

Amongst the crap load of functions in this game each single soldiers is unique, with 7 characteristics, ranks, and kills and name. Also, you can use the radio (if your radio man is still alive) to call air strikes, gunship support, reinforcements and ammo.

Tested and works well under xp.

note, i had to uber compress this babe to meet NG's size limit so if you like the game get the downloadable version; way better sounds, graffics and a score board. (www.urbanprophet.com)


So awesome!

It really was! But there were some problems. In addition to what Pinballsorcerer said, I'd really love more maps, more types of soldiers, etc. There are so many ideas I have for this game, but I probably wouldn't be able to say them all in one review. And you probably wouldn't be able to fit the file size limit. Overall, I'd give this a 8/10, 4/5. Keep working!

your a expert like me pinballsorcerer

enoughf said

Great but comes shoret of Perfect.

The game was brilliant compared to the myriad of point & shoot games on the internet, but it had flaws. Now, every positive thing I have to say has been said, so I'll offer some constructive criticism.

1. The soldiers moved too slow, I can understand this to an extent, as I wouldn't be charging through the jungles of Vietnam, I'd take it slow and steady, but in the center of the map, where it's just open ground, I feel strange having my men move at a snails pace. So I would suggest making it so if I double click, it would make my man run, and just clicking would make him move quieter, and maybe give him less of a chance of being shot.

2. This might just be my luck, but it seemed like 70% of the time, my men would be fired upon moments after me starting the game, and if just one man gets hit, it can throw your strategy off by a lot, so I suggest maybe adding a brief period of invulnerability at the start, maybe just 5 or 6 seconds, so I can get my men moving. Yes, it's unrealistic, but some concessions should be made to add to the entertainment.

3. Some of my men seemed really, really, inaccurate. Sometimes my grease gunner would kill a VC from a quarter of the map away, but my sniper would take several shots from a good distance, and miss. I think you should simply make the snipers a bit more accurate, because where some fights could be ended by a single shot, others would take 10+ at a short range with no cover for either soldier.

4. A way to select multiple soldiers would be great, as it was too time consuming to individually select each soldier and give him his orders. A simple drag box would suffice.

5. Most of the time, if I got a specialized soldier, like a SEAL or a Ranger, I'd get just about every other kind of specialist, and if I didn't have a lot of them, I'd have none. Maybe an ability to change the load out (equipment) of your squad, but to avoid having one load out that would rule all, you could change up the enemies and their weapons. (Basically, just do what you did with the U.S. soldiers, in this game.)

6. Lastly, some kind of indicator to show if he's in good cover or not, it was too hard to see if my soldiers were all safe in a heated fire fight. To fix this, just add a little indicator next to men, green for good cover, yellow for okay, and red for out in the open, maybe.

This probably sounded like a lot of things wrong with the game, there wasn't, and you did a great job, but I figured you already know the good things about this game, so I just gave you things to improve on.

P.S. To the guy who said the M16 was perfectly reliable, yes, as a standalone weapon it was, but the Military didn't issue proper cleaning kits for the gun, which led to the misfires and underpowered shots early in the war, so the author is right.

P.P.S. Good Game!

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Pretty good.

Excellent concept. The bit with the radio, good job. Managed to get the equipment nearly spot on with the era aswell. All around good job.

One complaint i had, lack of ability to control more than one soldier at a time. Perhaps making them into squads or fire teams would be better?

Mud and Blood:Iraq maybe?

This was really good.Point said,i found possibly 2 errors.1:I can place a man with an M-16 right in front of my enemy,and i mean like...right in front of him,the guy with the m-16 doesnt shoot,and ive checked this several times.The man HAS AMMO.NOT LIKE HES OUT of IT.It makes me bring a man with an M-14 to shoot the man,or re-send the m-16 man to his previous position,and then send him back in front.Another problem:I frequently call for Helicopter support,and since i never get it in time to save myself,the helicopter shows up on screen the next time i decide to be sent back into Vietnam.Another thing you may wanna look into making,since you did so well with a controversial war,maybe you wanna look into Sand and Blood:Iraq?A game where,you are i dunno,A commander in iraq, and you command a platoon of marines that goes on the offensive or defensive in an iraqi town such as Baghdad?

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Aug 31, 2004
12:34 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)