Mud and Blood: Vietnam

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This game pitch you at the commands of an infantry platoon right in the midle of the viet nam war. This concept follows a RTS pattern (real time strategy). In this game you are commanding an infantry platoon and you will have to secure an old french bunker and hold it as long as you can against waves of viet congs while taking care of your men and logistic details.

The series mud and blood is there since long. I started it long ago with a World War 1 trench simulator back in the flash 4 days. The game was outrageously complex and brutal and scared most of my testers away.

So, I came with a new design later on, mainly to test some RTS algorithms I had in the back of my mind for a while. Mud and blood Vietnam includes a lot of nifty features. Its using a sound engine who's generating footsteps according to which surface is walked on, and it pans each sounds according to the location it should be heard. Mainly if a soldier fires a weapon and he is located to the right you will hear the shot in the right speaker. On the other hand, even if you can't see VCs sometimes, and if you listen carefully, you may hear from where they try to sneak in.

Amongst the crap load of functions in this game each single soldiers is unique, with 7 characteristics, ranks, and kills and name. Also, you can use the radio (if your radio man is still alive) to call air strikes, gunship support, reinforcements and ammo.

Tested and works well under xp.

note, i had to uber compress this babe to meet NG's size limit so if you like the game get the downloadable version; way better sounds, graffics and a score board. (www.urbanprophet.com)


i love this game

it is the perfect gaqme for people who ove stategy, you need to make some more games like this

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The only reason I am giving you a 4 is because of teh awsome theme song in the beginning from the movie "We Were Soldiers"


I played this game 3 Times and never got Radio man. and my 2 m-60's Ran out of ammo so i was Pretty Screwed You need to make it Were you can pick your own team and not So randomized Proccess

pretty damn amazing

very well done, i loved it. i like how the VC can sneak up on u so u need all positions covered and both ears and eyes open

i thought the troops moved rather slowly, but maybe cuz i've got a relatively slow comp
the only other 2 things was that it'd be nice if i knew who was the radioman (like give him a red helmet or something =P), and my snipers can't seem to hit anything =/

oh and maybe a way to select a group of soldiers (not just one) by shift-click or highlighting an area of the map

besides that, this is an amazing game, a helluva lot better than most rts type games

Really good!

really good and u should put like markers so people know who is the radio man

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3.72 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2004
12:34 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)