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This is a quick Preview on my upcoming Interactive Flash Called "Stagger"..Just to warn..this Flash is very heavy..And the Art is still raw "unoptimized"...
Full episode is in the works. and Hopefully I can get it done before the summer Ends in 2004 :) wish me luck

*WARNING* The file is crazy huge..I am working on lowering the Size, but if your're on a 56K please don't watch it, wait for the full version to download..
its only about 20 seconds of rough footage..But there is about 200 individual frames, at 30k each frame So:
200x30=6000k Whoo!!! that's 6megs without sound, background or anything!!...Just realize that the action will be spread out more in the full version, and the size will make more sense then...
A special preloader will aslo be made for each level/scene of Stagger,also a zipped downloadable exe. will be available when it's completed...
Oh Yeah I will also proof-read the finished product:)..my spelling sucks.thanks to all you have graciously pointed that out to me:D


You have a very good premise

The graphics are very impressive, BUT, there's no excuse for the filesize.
You may say "fuck it the filesize, only T1 people will see it", but, when you work with internet, you can score much more points if your media is both visually astounding AND occuips minimal space.
The whole file is 6.6 MB. That's AWAY too much for a short animation. When I d/l'ed it (using Getright), I didn't expected it to be so short due the massive file size. And I bet it isn't the MP3 file, since it sounds like a reasonable bitrate. Your vectors are away too complex (did you traced every animation frame straight from images?), and you can drop the file size a lot, without no quality loss, by doing some optimization. Check my profile and e-mail me, and I can help you getting your files much smaller.
Your perfect art-wise, but will get much better with extra tech acknowledge.

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I'm looking forward to the full version

Great work on the animation, it's some the best looking flash I've seen anywhere. I've got a few problems with your video though. Your Drunken Boxer looked far too balanced and focused to be a real drunken boxer. The style of drunken boxing is effective mainly due to the unpredictablity and all out absurdity of it. In all actuality drunken boxing goes against many standards set by other styles of Kung Fu, which makes it interresting and entertaining to watch. If you've seen real drunken boxing you'll notice that the fighter will stagger and appear extremely unbalanced to confuse their opponent, sometimes the fighter will even fall down by their own will to make the opponent think they've passed out. Anyway, I don't wan't to go too in depth on Drunken Boxing but I thought I'd just make a few suggestions since I know quite a bit about it and several other martial arts. If you're interrested in learning more feel free to email me. Great work otherwise, I'm looking forward to your final movie.

cool stuff

the animation was awesome...looking forward to the actual feature...looks very promising (well worth the lengthy d/l)

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Kick Ass Animation (literally)

The animation is great. a very good teaser nice story intro Good Work

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Somewhat cool

Despite the obvious grammatical errors, it was mildly amusing and the animation/graphics kicked total ass. Congratulations man, that was awesome.

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3.60 / 5.00

May 26, 2001
8:41 AM EDT
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