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This is a quick Preview on my upcoming Interactive Flash Called "Stagger"..Just to warn..this Flash is very heavy..And the Art is still raw "unoptimized"...
Full episode is in the works. and Hopefully I can get it done before the summer Ends in 2004 :) wish me luck

*WARNING* The file is crazy huge..I am working on lowering the Size, but if your're on a 56K please don't watch it, wait for the full version to download..
its only about 20 seconds of rough footage..But there is about 200 individual frames, at 30k each frame So:
200x30=6000k Whoo!!! that's 6megs without sound, background or anything!!...Just realize that the action will be spread out more in the full version, and the size will make more sense then...
A special preloader will aslo be made for each level/scene of Stagger,also a zipped downloadable exe. will be available when it's completed...
Oh Yeah I will also proof-read the finished product:)..my spelling sucks.thanks to all you have graciously pointed that out to me:D


mr ortiz....can i call you mr ortiz?

here's the deal. i've been following your work for a while. since back in the day of robocop and such. i wanted to give you kudos. your animation skills have certainly honed in quite a bit. i'm very much looking forward to seeing the entire movie. keep up the good work mr ortiz. :D


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What the hell was that?!?!? INSANE!!! nice.

im waiting for this one

wow, thats pretty ambitious, 10 to fifteen megs! well the trailer is certainly impressive, this has to be frame by frame animation, the way that guy turns around and stuff has to be drawn like that, either that or your a magical flash wizard!, or both of course heh. but ya i cant wait for this, even though itll get all kinds of criticism for the file size, i say still put it out, i can wait. the only sujjestion i have, is that if the finished game is pretty long, try to put a button at the beginning that lets the high bandwidth people "stream" the movie, so we can load it as were playing, and not wait for it to load. otherwise, good luck and keep up the awesome work!!!

MindChamber responds:

Thanks for the kind words,and thanks for the suggestion!!! I'll definitly but that stream button on:)


That is awesome...
If you don't mind, though, I think I'll wait 'till I upgarade to a faster connection before watching the full movie. ^_^;;

looks really good

the graphics look superb. what will the size on the actual movie be like?

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May 26, 2001
8:41 AM EDT
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