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This is a quick Preview on my upcoming Interactive Flash Called "Stagger"..Just to warn..this Flash is very heavy..And the Art is still raw "unoptimized"...
Full episode is in the works. and Hopefully I can get it done before the summer Ends in 2004 :) wish me luck

*WARNING* The file is crazy huge..I am working on lowering the Size, but if your're on a 56K please don't watch it, wait for the full version to download..
its only about 20 seconds of rough footage..But there is about 200 individual frames, at 30k each frame So:
200x30=6000k Whoo!!! that's 6megs without sound, background or anything!!...Just realize that the action will be spread out more in the full version, and the size will make more sense then...
A special preloader will aslo be made for each level/scene of Stagger,also a zipped downloadable exe. will be available when it's completed...
Oh Yeah I will also proof-read the finished product:)..my spelling sucks.thanks to all you have graciously pointed that out to me:D


Job well done, but...

Good job here, but could use work on the grammar. Also, there is an incorrect reference to sensei; Sensei being the Japanese equivalent of teacher, and Drunken Style Boxing being of Chinese descent. Other than that, you've got a good thing going here. Sifu would be the correct term for a Chinese martial arts master/teacher.

MindChamber responds:

Thanks Recoil for your fine review...You are absolutely correct on all accounts here..I'm sorry about the grammer..It was late;)....As for the Style of Drunken Boxing being of chinese descent is true..but Drunken boxing is no big Secret...: A sercret Style called Drunken Fist, that originated from Japan is:)...I took about a year of kung fu , a few years ago..So I do have a general Idea of the forms and terms...I wanted this style to be a special/secret hybrid from the two countries.. More will be revealed as the story unfolds:)
Stay Tuned

holy fuck

great animation....very smooth, especially the fighting scene...keep goin on this one, i wanna see it when its done...thanks

slight rip-off, but very nice

first with the art. bloody amazing, really good graphics, great animation. unfortunately, you kinda, er, ripped-off the sounds off SNK's Samurai Spirits, very recognizable especially when you get to the kabuki shout at the end of the film. still, it's very nicely done, and i have reason to believe that the bgm was remixed, so...u get a nine. that taydogg dude has a point, though, i'm on dsl and it still took around 15 minutes for this to come. keep up the great work


You said it would be here soon.Yet it is 2 years later and we see no Stagger full version.


You have an exceedingly LARGE amount of funk ;) I missed out on the sound as I viewed this movie at work (where we have a fast connection). But I'm sure that kicked ass too!! Well, can't wait for the full version, and keep up the outstanding work :)


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May 26, 2001
8:41 AM EDT
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