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This is a quick Preview on my upcoming Interactive Flash Called "Stagger"..Just to warn..this Flash is very heavy..And the Art is still raw "unoptimized"...
Full episode is in the works. and Hopefully I can get it done before the summer Ends in 2004 :) wish me luck

*WARNING* The file is crazy huge..I am working on lowering the Size, but if your're on a 56K please don't watch it, wait for the full version to download..
its only about 20 seconds of rough footage..But there is about 200 individual frames, at 30k each frame So:
200x30=6000k Whoo!!! that's 6megs without sound, background or anything!!...Just realize that the action will be spread out more in the full version, and the size will make more sense then...
A special preloader will aslo be made for each level/scene of Stagger,also a zipped downloadable exe. will be available when it's completed...
Oh Yeah I will also proof-read the finished product:)..my spelling sucks.thanks to all you have graciously pointed that out to me:D



Thats just damn good

I want to lean how to draw like you

this was the first 3D movie Ive seen on newgrounds. I wonder why it was such a long wait though.

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Nice job, but why do this as flash? It would have been much smaller as mpeg video and you'd have more freedom with it.


That was possibly the best animated movie I have ever seen, you deserve the highest of praise for this work

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hehe nice movie. cant wait to see the full version. One minor, minor problem. You said that this was kung fu. I suggest you do not refer to the masters as sensei, because japanese culture freaks such as myself will get all annoyed, because sensei is a japanese word, and kung fu is a chinese fighting style.

hehe just thought i would put in some input, sorry, i know im a fucking nerd.

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May 26, 2001
8:41 AM EDT
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