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This is a quick Preview on my upcoming Interactive Flash Called "Stagger"..Just to warn..this Flash is very heavy..And the Art is still raw "unoptimized"...
Full episode is in the works. and Hopefully I can get it done before the summer Ends in 2004 :) wish me luck

*WARNING* The file is crazy huge..I am working on lowering the Size, but if your're on a 56K please don't watch it, wait for the full version to download..
its only about 20 seconds of rough footage..But there is about 200 individual frames, at 30k each frame So:
200x30=6000k Whoo!!! that's 6megs without sound, background or anything!!...Just realize that the action will be spread out more in the full version, and the size will make more sense then...
A special preloader will aslo be made for each level/scene of Stagger,also a zipped downloadable exe. will be available when it's completed...
Oh Yeah I will also proof-read the finished product:)..my spelling sucks.thanks to all you have graciously pointed that out to me:D


What is your problem??!?!?!

Here you go again, trying to "Push The Level" in Flash..WHY!?!?! nobody here gives a fuck, you bitch...It's gotta have pussy, tits, and come in at under 1 meg...What? Are you actually trying to bring quality style cartoons to NG??? you kiddin' right??... nobody here has the mental capacity to appreciate some stupid stunt like that...Keep it Simple you moron, half the pimple little nerd bitches here, haven't even figured out how to jerk off properly, let alone appreciate "ART"....Stop it dude, you like one of those people who sketch on the street.Those losers bust their asses on quality shit, only to have some prick pass by and drop a penny in the hat......You need a Hat Bitch??????

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Stupid people suck

Hey, is everyone doing this stupid preview bullshit now? It's a fad. I just love how this guy isn't afraid to show how stupid he is. If ur gonna work ur ass off to do something, don't base it on a stupid plot like that. If anyone is wavering on this man's intelligence just read what it says at the end,
"The "Interactive" Movie Coming Soon
Yes thats right, he used open quotes then double quotes inside quotes, and then never closed them... haha good thing he's no programmer, cause thats stupid looking especially on your "preview" work.

(Mocks author) "OooOOoOOooOO if you have dial-up turn back now!"

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MindChamber responds:

Look another Idiot joins the Fray...
this review had nothing to do with the preview, just another bitch with a small dick,trying to look big.....
Your on AOL Loser,..Step Off

Wasn't worth the minute's load.

That was just plain stupid. It took about a minute to load, and sucked. The graphics were good, but the rest just sucked. I just want you to release the whole thing, not this BS.

MindChamber responds:

If it sucks so bad, then were do care if I release it or not?
make up your mind moron..

Drunken Boxing rules!

Dude, that was great. I'm a huge fan of the Drunken form and that was very cool. I so want to see more of this.

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what was that last guy talking about?

lonemartyr, what are you talking about, the animation is choppy? its perfect. the sound you have is great and the story line is fresh and new, and so are the characters. great.

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May 26, 2001
8:41 AM EDT
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