Meteor Swarm

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Instructions on How to Play are in the game; click in the ? button.

Basically the idea was to make a game that resembles the older arcade games. The graphics are simple and the sounds mimic the Atari 2600.

Have fun with this game!


Too easy, but...

It plays very much like Kaboom. And that makes it worth playing. Make the paddle smaller, and make a limit for how big it can get, and you'll have a decent game. 4/5.


way too easy.

not bad...

but its been done before... boy oh boy how its been done before!! lol.
apart from it being unorigional, it wasnt too bad, i thought.
a lot of fun to play because of the different levels, and it was also fun because you could just sit and guard the ground if you only had one platform thingy left.
so a quite fun game to play. but if i was to make one suggestion, it would be to add music. the sound effects were too little in numbers, and no one likes a silent game.
overall score: 6/10

Oh noes!

Hi my name is Nathan, and I am addicted to Metero Swarm.

"High Nathan!"

"Tell us your story, brother!"

Well, I found it on a website and I couldnt stop playing it. I stopped eating. I stopped sleeping. My dog starved to death. My wife left me. My kids moved out, grew up, got married, got old and died. Why? Why was I cursed to become an addict to this game! DAMN YOU METEOR SHOWER! DAMN YOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved it. Rated 5.

Not bad, in fact i like it !

Great for its file size. You need to add music but i liked the item boxes that was a good idea and the soud effects were good. well done keep it up.
overall 4/10

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2.23 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2004
4:16 PM EDT
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