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YAAFM 9: Michael Moore

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PLEASE READ!: For my note to all negative replies and UNJUST ZERO SCORES... please check out http://www.zipperfish.com/free/yaafm9-note.html OK... now that that's out of the way... YAAFM's triumphant return features Michael Moore. Yes, ALL the quotes are real. More animation in this one. Hope you enjoy.



Moore is truly an idiot. A scam artist.

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Michael Moore sucks off Mr. Ed

Personaly, my sperm knows more about the countries outside of the USA than Michael does. (This is true as of last month) It's not that we don't know, it's that we don't care. We don't have to care, and those of us that do move out of the US.

Thank you, Reginold. Michael is a FUCKING MORON!

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Think before you post

I always appreciate a well thought out opinion. The problem is that this opinion is not terribly well thought out. Though it is a opinion and it's important that more people give them, which is why you get a 5.

Biggest one I noticed: Michael Moore supports universal health care, a big-government enterprise - how can he be against big government? I noticed others but would have to watch again to be able to detail them, sorry.

Michael Moore is a JACKOFF

Kudos to this, buddy. Michael Moore apparently has a problem with his OWN RACE. If he hates it so much, he should go fucking move to a place FULL of TERRORISTS.
He also has forgotten that HISPANIC people live here too, and they happen to own PLENTY of small business here in NJ and probably in NY too. Other Asian and European races seem to be etched off that list, along with the rest of the fucking world shoved into the USA. Personally, I MIGHT agree with him on his feelings towards Bush. But that's as far as I go to siding with him. He is definetely A FUCKING MORON. And you were the one person that was able to acknowledge that with as much truth as possible.
You are fucking amazing.

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i love this series but this is obviously the worst one in the bunch. all walrus does is refute some quotes used off handedly by moore and doesn't actually attack any of his philosophy's directly. and i can understand the hostility. when someone points out how blind and stupid the general population is i can see why they would get upset and lash out irrationally instead of actually looking in the mirror. Micheal Moore is a hero this is garbage

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3.47 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2004
3:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody