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PLEASE READ!: For my note to all negative replies and UNJUST ZERO SCORES... please check out http://www.zipperfish.com/free/yaafm9-note.html OK... now that that's out of the way... YAAFM's triumphant return features Michael Moore. Yes, ALL the quotes are real. More animation in this one. Hope you enjoy.


Poetic Justice

Thank you Thank you Thank you for roasting that cantankerous fuck.
I'm going to find Rightwing Radio's king, Mark levin, and forward this to him!
Enough's enough, the silent supporters of our troops in hollywood are just starting to speak up now. Keep up the good work.

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I read your note before typing this

I feel that Michael Moore is the weird nail sticking up in the midst of a normal way of thinking of things, and I think along the way he got a little muddled up or really passionate. I'm grateful that he's trying to -atleast- get people to think. It's easy to say to "make up your minds on your own" but when you're just an average joe, you really don't know who's lying and where to get the absolute facts from, you know? So instead of most people just knowing about the normal, generally-agreed upon stuff, for the people too lazy or busy to check out some of the underground alternative media, we have this big fat loud guy handing it to them in a compact platter in the form of easy-(and funny imo) reading, or even easier movies. I'm not sure about 9/11, but I can believe most things about how doofy Bush is, and as someone trained in medical claims processing and has done her time in a hospital office, am surprised he's tackling healthcare. I guess it's not such a big deal to someone that already has a healthcare plan, but it really doesn't end there. I haven't personally gone to see Sicko yet, but I'm definitely curious. There is a lot of stuff that could use some whistle blowing imo but there's so much money involved.
Off the top of my head, I remember reading an article in Discover magazine about a couple of mice found through routine lab work somewhere in Asia that were immune to cancer and how if you transferred their blood to an infected mouse, that mouse would fight it off and maybe even recover. Spiffy right? But what's incredible is that it's believe something similar can be found in certain humans. I tried to look it up online and found some boring science logs on it, but I do wonder why this isn't more common knowledge. Even the article size was only about a quarter in size. It's slightly possible it's because the treatment of Cancer is probably a million(?)-dollar industry, or maybe to not get peoples' hopes up, orrr... actually I can't think of any other reason it wouldn't be unless it's fake.

Anyway, that might be unrelated, but, I do think this Moore guy has balls for what he's doing. I could be completely wrong, but I am just one person also, so what does it matter in the end what I think except to myself? :)

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finally something about him

hes always so busy making movies about other people that it was nice seeing a movie about him.

Fucking Awersome

Movie makes good points, real damm funny too. Thing is, it doesnt matter if he is a hypocrite, thats the great thing about a free country you can hate everything about the country and say so and as a result make millions of dollers. Its no different than celebrities and politicians sucking up to a certain group of people by saying what their viewpoint is. I don't see why people have a problem him if you think he is spreading propaganda make your own movie on what you disagreed with, after all its a free country might even end up rich like him.

Perfect true and funny in every detail.

Perfect true and funny in every detail.
As a republican I%u2019m happy to see that YYAFUM attacks indiscriminately non partisan comedy is hard to find. (P.S. can you do one about Al Gore I mean he goes on and on about global warming yet he fly%u2019s around in a privet jet or John Kerry who alienated 70% of the country by insulting the military and don%u2019t even need to give you suggestions about the Clintons)
Oh and "gmatt" you don't see me whining about there Bush episode get a sense of humor or shut up.

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