The Legends of Hiro

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Play as Hiro in this Flash adventure. Find the right items, talk to the right people, kill the bad demon. Enjoy!
If you can´t figure out the game, check the reviews for some useful walkthroughs ^_^
Sorry, I won´t be online for the next 6 weeks, so I can´t respond to your comments (or emails) in this time...
Frontpage!!! I´m very honoured! Thanks to the NGcrew, and much fun with the game... and the secret SECRET!



Good Job! I thought It was awesome! So what an RPG doesnt have naked girls in it? So what! It was still awesome! I think you did very well! Horrah fer you! :D

Visual-Noize responds:

Thanks for the review! :)
You would be surprised if you knew that the game HAS a nude girl in it.... ^_-


One of my favorite games, only if im up for the reading. Lol

Bloody Brilliant!

It's so bloody brilliant that my nose is starting to bleed! That's why I gave you 3 in violence instead of 0! Thou art a GOD, Milord! The drawings were superb! The soundtrack excellent! The puzzles astonishing! The reviewing guy British! Captain Censorship Goo unaware of my EXCLUSIVE NEWGROUNDS SECRET! HAHAHAH! That's a big load of yum when wrapped along with a herring coated in alcohol!

I am telling you, that was THE best online game I have ever seen! Well, the best Flash game anyways. Well, you WERE better than Counter-Strike... AND Neverwinter Nights... And Morrowind... And Unreal Tournament.. Gah! You're the best! And here's a taste of the N00bian language:

"u PWN bigtme, Viz_Noia!!!!!!11"

(I'm researching n00bs, their natural habitat and their language. I'm adopting the title "professor"! YAY)

Anyways, I expect that RPG you were working on VERY soon. Before the year of 2194 A.D., that is ;)

Visual-Noize responds:

LOL ^___^
thkx mn, u rul!
I demand that I´m NOT better than Morrowind! I LOVE Morrowind :) And I hope to be finished with my RPG in 2 months <- crazy ;)
Thanks for your review, Lord Professor of the N.O.O.B.S! ^___^

oh well heres how...

ok so go up and talk to the bird lady, u get a bird and a feather, go north adn use the bird under the tree to get the necklace, give the necklace to teh drunk for the foamy things, which u use of the panda to the screen to teh right, then take teh scroll. use the feather on the panda in the same screen where u got the neckalce, to get teh snot, then use the snot on the machine to get the alcohol made, then dip the blue-berries into the thingy to disguise them.. now gimme a minute to catch up with all i jsut typed... now give it to the girl for her sword... and now im lost oh yeah go to the place with the scroll and cut down the leaves in the top-right corner, i think, and u get a radio i think, and NOW im lost *thumbs up

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to think anyone could make such a game in flash.... wow...
everything in this game is great... really.... need more games like this !!!

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4.24 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2004
2:20 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 3rd Place August 31, 2004