Banana Fingers Ep. 2

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I don't get it...it was obviously a loop...is there some kind of subliminal message behind this? Is it ment to show that Salad Fingers is neverending or something? I'm confused..o.O..good graphics though.

eurrrrgh coma!

Hello?!!!!! how boring was that! ooooooooohhhh a yellow salad fingers walking in some forest thingie.....everyone is saying they got the joke but i didnt it was gay and pathetic the first one also sucked but after the second one i thought u would do an even better one but no you havent you try and impress people will some lame bullshit that looks like it look 30 seconds to make....learn to do something orginal and intresting and then maybe you will get some good reviews for this crap animation


I like the other two bananafingers, but I didn't dig this. I get the joke, I think. It's a very upbeat thing, in contrast to saladfingers. It just wasn't fun to watch.

I do recommend that you make a fourth, though, with funny stuff like in the third.


That was very disappointing. Oh yes, the art was amazing, a near replica of Salad Fingers himself, but that alone can't compensate the fact that there was no content. I figured the song would die down after about thirty seconds, but then that came and went, and I found myself waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. Oh well. I guess this was just to prove everyone that said you can't draw that you, well, can.

Not too bad...

I think this was better than the first. Although the loop mucked up a couple of times, it was very good. Brilliant imitation. The sound was MUCH better than the first, but altogether a little boring in itself. Something should happen, really.

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2.05 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2004
11:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody