Banana Fingers Ep. 2

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I wish i listened to enjoisk8r

i wish i never watching this peice of crap! it was cock and bull! bullshit! and to anyone here i advise them, like the last reviewer advised: Do not watch this cartoon unless you like the song 'mr sandman'! i liked the other style better go back to that!

hmm... kinda shitty

HE WAS WALKING THROUGH A FOREST WITH ANNOYING MUSIC!!! HOW IN HELL IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY? it was gay and the only thing i liked in this whole series is the kid with the big eyes... and how can you say seinfeld is annoying when bannana fingers acts like a total fucking goof the whole damn thing!! he talks like he had a bag of road salt poured down his throat .( he didnt even say anything this episode) and the song was tottaly irrelevant to anything ! overall my rating is... well.. i guess i cant say dog shit because that is even too good... you get the point... its a waste of time... i would pay good money to have my time back... and i have advice for those reading this... DONT WATCH IT!!! YOU WILL THANK ME!!!

This is a peice of crap

Bleh! I officially hate this series...

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That's pretty kickass, but you got perspective all wrong. The things in the back should move slower than the things in the front, not the opposite.

This doesn't seem like an episode.

It's just a loop.

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2.05 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2004
11:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody