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Spoilsbury Toast Boy

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My 7th Newgrounds release (I think..?) Anyway this is quite a small file and it's a bit of a trippy one, if that's your cup of tea. It's a lovely one.

Dave "Doki" Firth


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Super nostalgic coming back to some of your earlier work, brings me back!

Ehhh, Salad fingers was better. Sorry :(..

That was dope as fuck. The kid was waiting for the clock to hit a certain time and that's when the kid goes to work, its like he doesn't even care, or is just tired and depressed. Is the kid just a human slave used to being cruelly and in humanely tortured by being a human transport for the cockroaches? And when he met with the other guy he just dropped them off because they were getting on a different transport? And he got killed by the cockroach that runs it? Or a cockroach who serves an ever bigger one or cockroach organization in some perverted dimension? A level of hell? This shit was fucking weird as shit and I thank you. Fucking high as shit this was trippy.

This reminds me of the kinds of dreams I have when I've been getting too hot in bed and wake up in a sweat. Or the kinds of dreams I used to have frequently as a kid.

... I think I'm going to be sleeping with one cover off tonight after watching this. Having said that, the fact it was so profoundly unsettling is what makes it a work of art, so don't take it as a complaint.

oh god oh god oh god

i have seen some disturbing things. but i have an enormous phobia of bugs entering my ears, nose, mouth ect... i don't know if i shall recover. D:

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2004
7:20 PM EDT