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Spoilsbury Toast Boy

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My 7th Newgrounds release (I think..?) Anyway this is quite a small file and it's a bit of a trippy one, if that's your cup of tea. It's a lovely one.

Dave "Doki" Firth


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jesus christ this is really fucking disturbing

and i love it

the worlds david creates arent that different from our own when you really think about it. philosophically they're basically the same, par for the insane nightmare shit. even that works as a sort of metaphor. his science ones make it extremely obvious. his 2009/2015 stuff is his best by far.

Super nostalgic coming back to some of your earlier work, brings me back!

Ehhh, Salad fingers was better. Sorry :(..

That was dope as fuck. The kid was waiting for the clock to hit a certain time and that's when the kid goes to work, its like he doesn't even care, or is just tired and depressed. Is the kid just a human slave used to being cruelly and in humanely tortured by being a human transport for the cockroaches? And when he met with the other guy he just dropped them off because they were getting on a different transport? And he got killed by the cockroach that runs it? Or a cockroach who serves an ever bigger one or cockroach organization in some perverted dimension? A level of hell? This shit was fucking weird as shit and I thank you. Fucking high as shit this was trippy.