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the ninja attack

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the thing is, millions of people put their flash animations on newgrounds, why? (the majority isn't getting paid or anything) because they like hearing good things about themselves from other people. When some self centered freak reviews it and says it is crap and all without giving any positive criticism, complaining about how it was awaste of their time and all; well, they are wasting their time as make fun of others. I mean do you guys feel better about yourselves hurting other peoples feelings? well, i am just saying that i know this work is probably going get a lower score (see i lowered my self esteem because of you self-fish reviewers) and i know that it doesn't make too much sense but i made it for fun and i don't care anymore. the music is from the naruto series and the sound fx are from flashkit.com i did not draw the backgrounds obviously.
I also liked to mention that there is a lot more to this animation that i cut out along with most of a would be story because i decided not to finish it completley by spending hours and hours only to find out how crappy it really is. at least i tried a little more than some people who just sit around watching this stuff all day.


I like that!

Hey man!! Not bad!!
As pessoas que entram nesse site, na maioria das vezes ñ sabem o trabalho que envolve "a Flash Movie" e isso é o que conta: o trabalho, a dedicação!!
by _Luan_cAndidO_

Yay my 1000th protection point!

Anyway, nice flash bro very good

I take it you can't read Itachi.

Saad writes down how pathetic people give flashes low scores without even giving good reasons, then you give him a zero just for forgetting to mention who wrote the music he used.
Personally, I liked that flash. The animation was good and the fighting, although brief, was fun to watch. The only thing I didn't understand was, why was the ninja bathing fully clothed?
Anyway, nice flash. Don't put your own work down because of those jerks! Just do what you love, that's MY ninja way.

Pretty cool.

You asked for constructive criticism in your note, so here it is.

1) Good sound but there were gaps of silence

2) Loved the reflection in the eye bit

3) Slo-mo would've made this a lot better.

Overall an excellent movie! Keep up d good work!

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that was really good! don't put urself out like that(I read ur author's comment thingy)trust me it was fine! are u working on part 2? i wanna see what happens.

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2.74 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
7:09 PM EDT
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