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I've been spriting for a year and a half now. I want to share my knowledge with people, so they can make quality Sprite movies with their OWN customized sprites! Mario, Sonic and the others... they've been used, used and re-used!

This tutorial is dedicated to sprites, and not sprite movies. Come to think of it, it might be the only one on Newgrounds! *Note: I didn't see the point of making a preloader because of the small file size!*

Tips are nice, but remember that practice is the only thing that can really make you better.



Thanks =]

Thanks! This helped alot ive been dieing to make a sprite movie and no i think im more or less ready =]

Well now...

That was a very good and informative tutorial, and more than likely the only good one of it's type. I was looking for a tutorial on advanced sprite animation, but damn, this was still good.

Preternatural responds:

Oh, the second one is better and more complete. But you do have a point, maybe it's time for me to make a tutorial about sprite animation.

Nice tutorial, dude!

Now I can do sprites and stuff. Thanx man!

Preternatural responds:

Gee, now I look back at my old tuts... they really aren't that good anymore (to me, at least).

With hope that you weren't sarcastic when writing this review: thank you, come again!


thank you got me thinking on this sprite flashs that i watch and how much work that go's in to make this flashs.

((( NICE TUT )))

Hey this was an awsome tutorial, i never made a sprite flash but this is the type of tut that helps a person start, i just loved your blue buttons, and the way you explained everything seem so easy to understand, could have used some backround music though...


Preternatural responds:

I was surprised that you reviewed weeks, months after I submitted this. You're right, it could have used some background music. At the time, I wanted to make the file size as small as possible.

Sincerely, I must say the content was very basic. I'll make some more specialized tutorials when I get some free time.

Thanks for your good review!!

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Aug 28, 2004
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