Demonic Defence 2

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Well, dont bother saying this is a copy of defend your castle... there is only one thing similar which is u are defending your castle, but with more enemys, spells, different system, AND MUCH MORE!



Wow, a lot of people keep saying that this is a bad game, but it is really good. To win, all you need to do is not buy anthing until you get 900g. Then you buy Flame Ball. After that, it is still challenging, but it is possible to win.
Overall a good game.

This is to the last person that posted.

You're retarded, and you need to learn how to spell. The only way you could die by level 9 is if you are completely oblivious to everything. You have to actually buy a spell and use it to kill them. My personal favorite was the fire ball starting out, eventually saving up to the nuke which is completely unfair to the computer. I wouldn't have it any other way.


In short: That sucked!
Im not better than you and would not be able to make it better, but it really sucked! First of all you got to crate a castle by pressing som buttong looking at the castle t change color, wee. Then the fight start. I had to click some stick mages and angels to make them die, wich takes long time becuse im on a laptop. Therefor i had to spend all my money on restoring wich made me unable to by upgrades or spells. And i do bother calling it a copy, its very similar. But you have a potentionale to make the game better!
Make more money, have some units (archers etc) to help defending and it would be much more exiting!!! (<--- Spelled wrong i know) I looking forard to an update.

AAAhhh my wrist!

this is really annoying for ur wrist. :) ah well, some exercise for the nerds :P
any ways, this is not a game thats made for me, but ill be nice :P
i think the enemies spawn with to many, and nomatter if i use a spell, i cant beat them soon enough to buy upgrades.
btw, dont stick me anymore! quit the sticks, please :P

To the last guy...

Shut the HELL up. If YOU had the advantage, the game would have NO. FRIGGIN. POINT. The whole point is to OVERCOME the enemie's advantage!
Great game, I really enjoyed it! Don't listen to those stuck-up snobs who think they're better than everyone. I've played every other game, and this one alone is a great improvement from the first. Ciao, keep making games like this!

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
3:20 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed