Demonic Defence 2

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Well, dont bother saying this is a copy of defend your castle... there is only one thing similar which is u are defending your castle, but with more enemys, spells, different system, AND MUCH MORE!



but when does super stick 3 come

and over all : 10

good but i played too much defend your castle..

Chronamut here giving reviews for those ppl that use his stuff in their flash submissions - heh im glad u used my song in the menu option so it didnt get too repetitive i didnt actually play the game because i know how long that game can friggin' go on for and i spent waay too much time on defend your castle so it looks good and keep up the good work - and for all those ppl that said the audio was ok - SCREW YOU ALL! Paragon and i are the best of our genre!


way too repetitive

all u noobs think this game is hard this game is so easy. all u do is click on the guys till u can get the fireball spell then use that each level to kill everyone.this game is way too much about the spells all i do now is nuke the guys 2 or 3 times each level(im on level 102) good game but not the best. plus why does a game need over 100 levels? does this game ever end?

AntitudeGames responds:

no, the game NEVER ends

Needs Works

Even though you have alot of features its hard to get to any of them because you die so quickly.

Its also really annoying that you have to click a specific part of the enemy. It gets especially annoying when the catapult attacks you and you have to click on its launcher but it moves so bloody fast and has so much life that youre done for. It doesnt help that the catapults always seem to overlap each other in pairs.

Nice try but no cigar.

kinda gay cuz

1) too hard to click on some of the guys, i hate it when you have to click on JUST the right place on the guy

2) you dont get gold NEARLY fast enough

3) you cant dish out damage fast enough

4) the heals heal a PATHETIC amount

5) looks like a crappy version of defend your castle

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
3:20 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed