Demonic Defence 2

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Well, dont bother saying this is a copy of defend your castle... there is only one thing similar which is u are defending your castle, but with more enemys, spells, different system, AND MUCH MORE!


My finger hurts...

This was pretty good.

To anybody calling this "gay"--what, you mean it likes animations of the same gender? (I can always count on Newgrounds to show me folks still using that as an insult.)

To the person who had trouble killing the catapaults--I found that you can click on the horizontal bar at the bottom of them. This is actually the easiest way because the bar is long enough that you can hold the mouse in one spot and rapid-fire at it until it dies.

I'm at the point where I've bought everything I can, except increasing HP, MP, and Click powerups...I wait for them to get to a certain point, click "nuke" twice max, and then continue. Unless I need more MP.

You just have to spend money wisely. You're given 850 from the beginning--save that until you're a few levels in. That way the first stuff you buy will be of more use to you.

I did hit a bug thing in lvl 62--a catapault I couldn't click and kill. I threw all the spells I had at it too. Also, when I load the game, it will move as slowly (and the enemies will be as easy to kill) as if it were a much lower level.

See about fixing those maybe...

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No good..

I don't get how I'm supposed to be able to kill all of that shit. It took me to level 5 to get my first 1000 gold, so I bought increased cursor strength. Then by level 8, even though I clicked so much my finger hurt, my castle was about to die. I spent all my gold I had earned repairing it. Then level 9 there was just too much shit to keep up with, so I died. My finger hurts after having to click so many times in a small period. I was aggravated by how small the areas I had to click on were, as well as how many hits it took to kill each guy.

I tried the game a second time, since it's not fair to give you a bad score if I just messed up the first time. I tried getting spells this time, (summon sword) which did absolutely nothing when I cast it. The enemies just walked through it? And then I found out that I had to pay money to recharge the mana... I died at level 6 that time around. Still no fun..

So my finger is worn out, and I'm frustrated.


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what the fuck

its to fucking hard to get cash wich makes it to fucking hard to buy upgrades wich makes it to easy to die

good fun

Fun game. But what do the farm, oasis, etc do?

It was hard...

Untill I started using meteor, fireball and nuke.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
3:20 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed