XIN Session 11

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8/8/2005: Updated with voices!

This session may play best at MEDIUM quality.

We hope everyone has fun watching Session 11:), and if you are new to the series, we hope that you can check out the previous session before watching this one.
If you would like more information on series, please feel free to check out our site for the latest news on production. Thanks again everyone :)

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This is a good series you got going. Now we need to see some titty-mmm-bop-bop-tittays.

I don't think the series is improving. It just seems annoying that it's the same thing. It's just more pointless fighting. There seems to be not much of a story here. I don't get why everyone's defeated so easily. It just comes off as so unrealistic.

I was just expecting a setting like this to resemble real life more. The animation is fairly good. It just doesn't add up in the world it creates for itself. The dialogue was weird at best. I am sorry I don't like this as most as much people.

***note: this is my personal opinion, don't get angry at what i say
First of all, i'd like to say that, story-wise, this is a great series. However, the voice acting and animation could use some work( though it has improved since the first chapter)
I hope to see more like this from you.

Shut up,bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shit is this?

You guys seemed to get worse every episode. The only savior is Omahdon, and that's pushing it.

Why the fuck is Ms. Jix still so loud? Why are Nerd-Girl and Ralph "Rushmore" Varlock back? Why are the BK Kid Club Member and Brock in high school?

SO many questions that you can't answer, you dumb fucks. Learn to do actual shit instead of POSTING SHIT.

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Aug 28, 2004
3:02 PM EDT
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