F.N.F. #4 - Starphucks

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Perhaps the oddest Friday Night Flick i have EVER made. Oh well, enjoy.

**I just noticed that the author "iwillpress" just submitted a Starbucks bashing movie too! I shallith declare this day. NATIONAL STARBUCKS-CAN-SUCK-MY-NUTS DAY



OK,i love starbucks coffe, but you have a point. they do go overboard with the whole tredny thingy. they make damn good coffe tho...oh, and as usual your animation ,voice acting ect rox my sox ^_^


hahah, really good, i like your style of animation and hope to see more flash from you in the not to distant future.

odd indeed

Mmm, this was very well done but the characters didn't really make sense. I mean shit, the flying guy on a saucer? And then the fucking salesperson scared the shit out of me. It was kinda confusing and well-humored. Great animation and graphics. Loved the ending, great work.

Stop making this shit

Horribly unfunny, unoriginal, and annoying as fuck. Why do people like this bullshit? And people say clock movies are bad.

I hope your girl shoves a spike dildo up your ass tonight for this monstrosity.

ahhah! you were right!

i'da also say that this has got to be the weirdest FNF yet! but it was extremely funny... ohhh, i've said it twice before, and i'll say it again, these things are great!! and they make my day... hahaha.
graphics were great - all of the characters looked awesome, and so did the background... plus the picture that was in the 'Starphucks Coffee' circle!! HAHAH!!
the sound was amazing - i still cant get over how clear the voices always are in your movies... so clear!! also, the sound effects were quite good.
overall, this was one damn cool FNF! i loved it, keep up the great work.
overall score: 7/10

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3.82 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
2:17 AM EDT
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