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ludas animans Ep. 5

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Author Comments

It's been another long while, hasn't it? Well, not as long as the gap between episode 3 & 4. I had started making this episode during the second or third week of June (when I lost my internet connection, but before the computer itself messed up). I had about half of it done before the computer messed up. Now, skip forward to where everything is working again and I just released episode 4. After the release of that one I was bit reluctant to go on with finishing episode 5 because of a few complications with a character I introduced in episode 4. The game where I ripped this character's sprites was no longer working on my computer when it used to before it messed up. I was beginning to think that I would have to drop this character, but before coming to that decision I chose to not continue with the series until I was certain. During this hiatus, I picked up Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube and played that game to death. From around the 22nd of July to about August 23, I played that game non-stop (playing my sixth playthrough currently), but on the 23rd of August I decided to start working on my flash series again because during that time I was playing Tales of Symphonia, I found a way to make the game I used a character for this series from work. So I can finally start working on the series again. Though when Star Ocean: Till the End of Time comes out, I'm going to play that game to death as well (been waiting for that game since 2001; ever since the Japanese version was first announced).

As for this movie, it has gone through a few changes since first working on it back in June. Scene 1-3 are unchanged, but scene 4 mostly stayed intact but changed the camera a bit since how I originally did the scene looked unsatisfactory to me. Scene 5 stayed the same for only 7 text boxes or so, but after that I completely changed it and extended the scene at the same time. Scene 6 was completely redone as I felt I was protraying the "client" too out of character of what I intended them to be. After that the last two scenes were made last weekend. With the episode practically finished, I remembered that a few people requested buttoned text boxes. So I went ahead and made most scenes button based (not including the ones with movement in the background). I myself ain't too keen one the whole button thing since I find it annoying so I made the episode where you could pick which way you wanted to view the episode; button-based or automatic. The problem was that the proloader wasn't working properly at all when I tried to test it; it wouldn't get past the "Loading" animation. I went through making a hand full of menus for each view type, and those didn't work either. I wondered what the heck I was doing wrong and as I tested these menus as stand alones they worked fine. I spent Monday through Wednesday trying to figure out what was wrong, but I just gave up and decided to just release the automatic version as it seems to work just fine without the button-based version crammed in there as well. I do apologize to the people who requested a button-based release. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the movie.

WARNING: This episode contains no action!! So if you're the type that only likes action, then you'll most likely be disappointed.

Movie Stats:

Approximately 13 minutes 29 seconds
20 Frames a second
13057 total frames
Frame Size 611 x 362
Made with Swish 2.0

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Very good indeed.

You create a "feel" to ur series that I enjoy. You got moving backgrounds and its just so good. It feels sorta rpg/animeish. I like it.

Excellent work

I just started at episode 6 part 4, went all the way back to episode 1, and now I'm here. Excellent work, this is all coming together nicely.

loved the flash!

TOS is THE BEST GAME EVER! is that music from Hima or Triet? hmmm...

i <3 TOS!!!!
oh and uh...the flash was good to

KNanakase responds:


Which song? The one that's played in Fama? If so, that's from Ragnarok Online.
The only Tales of Symphonia music in this episode is in the last scene between Chris and Serika.

Pretty good

Nicely done. My sister loved the Tales of Symphonia music. She is now playing her 6th time through and almost finished. I swear she's obsessed, mostly with Zelos and Kratos, whirling around to see the screen when she heard the music and a bit disappointed that it wasn't ToS. As you probably know you do need some more action. But it's going strong, keep it up.

KNanakase responds:

Kind of a late reply, but yeah, I just finished my 8th or so playthrough of Tales of Symphonia and it still isn't boring for me. I think that game is great. Anyways, I'm about halfway done with the current episode, but it's long overdue. I'll explain more about that when I actually release the episode.

Still lovin it...

I'm a fan of this series and think that the plot is VERY well thought out, creative, and you are a genius. Now for pros and cons:

+Creative, well thought out plot
+Unpredictive storyline
+Seems very real dussnt seem like a flash movie it seems like this actually happened or could it happen
+Smart music selections
+Well done backgrounds
+Great script, it gave all the characters the appropriate personalities which results in a colorful cast

-Most animation was just walking and standing still
-No action :(

Overall I give this movie an 8/10
And I'll be watching future episodes (How many episodes will there be total?) to see how the series turns out. Good Luck man and I love your work.

KNanakase responds:


Yeah, I totally realize the cons and I hope to change that soon because the walking and standing still is starting get me to notice the repetitive nature of it. As for the no action part, these upcoming episodes will hopefully deal with the issue as this story arc is reaching the finale. I don't know how many episodes there will be total, we'll just have to see once I reach the end of the series.

Credits & Info

4.72 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2004
6:01 PM EDT