Space Journey

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This was actaully a project I had to do for Sciene class. I just finished it now, and I decided to submit it, cause it took a few hours to make the Flash and a couple to get the facts. And besides, NG has never had anything education submitted to it before, so I'll be original! There's some neat facts in hear. Enjoy.
I don't have a clue how people will react to this.


Fun, and educational!

This is not the sort of thing that you plan to see on Newgrounds every day, but, this was definitely somewhat enjoyable, and fun to watch.
The graphics are decent, and the sounds were alright.
It tells you a lot of things, and you'll probably learn something, though somewhat useless in the real world.
I'd say this is underrated, and deserves to be rated higher.

i liked it

this was gud good job dude i found it interesting and cool im gonna give this a 5 coz it was gettin so much stick and it was pretty gud

this is newgrounds

not fucking science class

Under appreiciated

This should be getting a higher score... Everyone seems to forget what this site is about, it's random and cool stuff like this that it was made of... This is really good, and the fact that it tries to teach you something turns too many of you off of it.

Enjoyable and educational

Not the sort of thing you see on Newgrounds every day, but this was definitely enjoyable and worth a look. Tells you a lot of things and you'll probably learn something. The graphics are OK and the sounds were cool. I'd say this is fairly underrated, and deserves to be rated higher.

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1.97 / 5.00

May 25, 2001
4:37 AM EDT
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