Kerri's Bigger Invention!

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Kerri has an even Bigger invention! what could it be!??

Click kerri's invention to find the hidden easter egg!


Im not a fan of futa

but it was kinda hot ill admit that much really

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I gotta be honest...

This movie confused the hell out of me when I was younger.First off I couldn't tell if this shit was fappable I mean Kerrigan and Senya lesbians=Hot? Plus, was that steam coming out her vagina? I dunno it was pretty lulzy though.

Good times.

teeth go in, blood came out...

very random...not bad, very funny wen random dude comes in and frog dies XD


nice drawing

nice animation


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Way to scare my dick, asshole! The animation was mediocre, the artwork was freakishly out of reality, the Easter Egg was stupid and why the FUCK would you want to see a dead frog right after your porno?
Now, I'm not a prude--I'll watch some other Hentai on this site, but THAT Hentai is usually well-drawn, well-animated and actually arousing if you stretch suspension of disbelief. But this? This makes that Hentai look like "Deep Throat".
Okay, maybe it's just "not my taste", but I don't think even regular Hentai viewers would get turned on by this; like I said, the animation is HORRIBLE.
Well, I should stop ranting. I don't know which of the four authors fucked this up, but why don't you look at what you have done? I you don't see anything wrong with this, go kill yourself please. NG doesn't need you.

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3.44 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2004
2:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody