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Hey Guys. Long time since ive submited, sorry. this ones a music video. not as good as shallow. but its decent i guess. took 2 days. Ive been real lazy latley, but i felt i needed to make a flash. im sure a lot of people will comment saying it was boring to them, but..w/e. enjoy it guys. and im sorry if i didnt entertain u..actully.no..f\/ck off.


((( DECENT )))

Well not a bad little music video, the artwork could have had abit more effort and style to it, maybe some detail within the characters and all, funny song though...



Not that good, average..

You need to learn how to spell Chorus


being fed up with the system ? This prefabricated band is the system and is the problem.

Let's Define Poser

I have to give this flash its due here because look no matter how "poser" it sounds the message is all that really ever mattered to me with punk. Punk isn't supposed to be about who's more hardcore it's supposed to be about being fed up with the system and getting out there with an instrument you can barely play and speaking out. Not Dropping names like the ramones and sex pistols those people are the real posers. I think this flash captures that practical lack-luster rawness that is punk. This guy may have used a pop punk band but I think most people may over look the fact that that may have been the point to begin with. Good Job Man

it sucked

usually i am the one who's saying different then the others, but i gotta stick with everyone else, this fucking sucked, mainly due to the song. want punk? get some real shit, dead kennedys, sex pistoles, ramones, something that DOES NOT suck, even better, get some fuckin misifits shit. misfits kick ass, one of the best bands ever. it looks as though you've just jumble up a bunch of shit and called it a flash animation, thats not why you got a bad score though.

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2.34 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2004
2:22 AM EDT
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