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Hey Guys. Long time since ive submited, sorry. this ones a music video. not as good as shallow. but its decent i guess. took 2 days. Ive been real lazy latley, but i felt i needed to make a flash. im sure a lot of people will comment saying it was boring to them, but..w/e. enjoy it guys. and im sorry if i didnt entertain u..actully.no..f\/ck off.


Finally effort

I nomarlly don't like MVs for flash, but this one not only had some effort, but didn't use a crappy song either. That and also it followed the lyrics. Ok job by me.


Nice flash. Dude make more of these. Cuz that movie was good. Keep it up. I really like that. Nice work.

pretty good...

this is nothing that will reach the first page but you got a good song and a good movie to go with it. the movie stays in sync with the song which is always a plus. is was pretty interesting to watch and listen and might have some replay value...you can gain much improvement so keep at it...3 outta 5


Its obvious that you know nothing of punk rock. Bowling for soup is not punk and they have no right to teach or even attend a class called punk rock 101. Theyre just another set of tools in a differnt tool box. Fucking loosers. If you want to listen to some punk, check out some dead kennedys or choke or something not sugar coated. These stupid 'nu-punk' kids are just suburban nerds who think theyre cool. Fucking tools.


I hate that song...

Kaos444 responds:

then ur gay

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2.34 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2004
2:22 AM EDT
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