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Three Deadly Sins

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Three action packed Frame by Frame Animated movie! Extremely Violent and funny! It is guaranteed 100% Laugh! Or at least i think that!Check it out write reviews! or something like that! I spent alot of time on this movie! So .....................At least watch it all! Sorry about the filesize! i made it as small as I could! and this is frame by frame animation so that isn't helping the filesize neither!


FBF? Yeah, right.

How the fuck could you call this FBF? Over half of it is tweening. Basically, the only parts that are FBF are the arms moving. I could whip up a better movie than this in ten minutes. This Shouldv'e been blammed. Its not funny, and its a piece of shit. Learn to draw, I don't like looking at rickety lines. If you dont want to learn to draw, atleast optimize all your shit.

A few corrections.

One. This is not Frame-By-Frame. Each, and I mean EACH frame must be drawn separately.
Two. The irony of you misspelling stupidity is gold, and was the only thing I found funny at all.
Three. 100% Guaranteed Laughs! means I should laugh. I did not.

SOME of the animation was decent. The sound seems to be maybe 4 wav files played over and over again. There's little humour to be found here, and I think the poor quality of this work will reflect in the ratings. You've got a lot of work to do before you'll make something really special.


Don't listen to Jesus_the_Blasphemer, he's stupid, I thought you're movie was hilarious !

ha ha ha ha ha i laughed my ass off!!

god that was fuckin hilarious!!!!!!!!

oh wait.... i was looking at the t.v. not the computer...... that show "whos the boss" is really funny.......oh yeah.....the movie sucked ass...couldnt even hold my attention

Teiknimyndir responds:

Screw you Dumbass! Why don't you tryto create a frame by frame animated cartoon! I think this is better than most of the motion tweened SHIT that is floating around the PORTAL!


I've seen those before. I've seen alot more violent stuff then that.

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Credits & Info

1.82 / 5.00

May 24, 2001
9:56 PM EDT