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Goamy's rant ||

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Author Comments

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to tak it any more!


You're still here?

Yeah, more from a ripoff on crack. I like the Foamy cartoons although the creator seems to be staggering these days, probably getting tired, however, I don't see how this was able to get on newgrounds in the first place.

yet again more of this anit foamy crap.

ok in this film it says that goamy if your friend not your foe! goamy is there for just makeing foamy a total laghuingstock of newgrounds and trying to make him look like he sucks. dude this movie was to tell others that watched this movie that you should hate foamy because he sits there and rants on aobut stuff and let me tell you something. foamy pwnz and you're just possibley jealous that foamy is really famous and almost as famous as Pico.

and yet another

So yes...another Anti-Foamy film... Someone should do an anti-anti-foamy flic... Where they just kill everyone... But yes... It wasn't that great... To mean it seemed slow and annoying... I'm assuming Goamy is supposed to talk like foamy but he appeared high... so is that why he talked slow and boring? Oh well... There's nothing wrong with the people who like Foamy... I mean... unless you're discriminant... then hate the foamy lovers all you want... and same to the foamy haters... I mean there's nothing wrong with Illwillpress wanting money... last I checked most people use it to survive... Oh well... I suppose it's giving artists ideas... Foamy is starting a whole new film topic... the anti-foamy... Have fun with your oppinions... I found this to be rather... boring... not much like Mr.Mathers style... You could have atleast put some randomicity in it... Foamy has been hated for all of the said reasons... and it's been displayed in many anti-Foamy films... Find something new to hate him for... or... Find a new way to hate him? Throw bombs at him... Have him get run over on the street... Have some little kid catch him and torcher him for half an hour... Hell if you're bored enough make an Rpg where Foamy is the bad guy... and you have to kill him... Oh well have a nice day... keep up this work... you may get somewhere.


Look, your animation is fine (if not a complete ripoff of the Neurotically Yours style) your character is lame (sounds exactly the same as Foamy, in fact it is Foamy incarnated as a rabbit puppet) he keeps bitching about how Mr. Mathers is selling Foamy shwag (which is being sold in Hot Topic stores, if memory serves) and on and on and on.

Nothing against satires, nothing at all against satires. But, if you're going to try and pose an argument against something, at least try not to copy someone else's style. Come up with your own xit, k? Mr. Mathers throwing out his own Foamy stuff is fine enough, I'm sick of dumb bastards cranking out anti-foamy cartoons without putting some thought into the thing (killing Foamy, taking the style of Foamy and using it against Foamy with lame logic -Mr. Mathers shouldn't sell Foamy shwag, even though it's his product and he likes money and people will probably buy it because that is what capitalism is-)


Very good message. My favorite part was when foamy pops up the second time and is like "you don't have to watch it" in that funny voice. This movie was even better than your previous ones. Great job making the voices more understandable.

Too bad things didn't work out for you at UCFD.

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2004
12:09 PM EDT
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