Pacman Killer

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I have put really hard work into this game. Please give reviews.

- Please do not view the game in HTML because everything cannot be viewed so please watch it from the SWF File.

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taking the p?

seriously, regardless of whether you submitted this game or the other one 'kill the pacman'- this is probably the worst EVER game EVER. Poorly designed, however, i actually thougth the other version was ok. Just a bit annoyed i took the time to load THIS game and realised you just copied/paste the same game onto newgrounds, INGENIOUSLY named 'pacman killer'. Of the 2 evils? BLAM this one. The big screen function is utterly useless. Half the platforms are cropped so what IS the point of that??

Stop wasting newgrounds' site and post somthing more than just 'copies' of what is already a v bad game. Please.

To "DaJammyDodger4275"...

If you read the discription of the other Pac-Man game this is the FIRST one so it can't be a remake and,over and over? All he did was fix a problem which was annoying and there aren't any other Pac-Man games on the sidebar so filling up too much space on Newsgrounds is taking it a bit too far as everyone seems to think

*(my review is on the other game so as to not take up too much "space")

Could do with improvements...

Unlike the other reviewers, I can see you put effort into this, and I enjoyed playing it. But here are a few suggestions.

You need to change the size of your game so that you can play it properly on Newgrounds. I downloaded the file and played it, and you can really appreciate the effort you put into the graphics, but few people will bother.

The cut scenes are awesome, how about a skip button though? And a level select which shows upcoming and completed challenges. You could also put in a combo metre and rewards (or challenges) for keeping a good combo, like powerups (e.g. a pulse bomb that explodes nearby pac men, a higher starting bounce, or 'Pac time' where the game slows down). How about also a faster mode, or perhaps the game's speed could increase over time.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.


1 thing i gotsta say is ... make better games u moron


Wow so much for all the hard work and effort put into this game

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2004
4:45 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop