Cletus the Fetus ep 41

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this cartoon is about how stupid the punisher is. I'm sure it will do real well on newgrounds.

oh god what a bad idea


what the ?

them stupid hippies. the punisher rocks


thats right, the punisher does rule

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a short episode about the punisher.

In this episode of Cletus the Fetus, the kids talk about the then new Punisher flick. "He shows people that violence is bad by blowing their asses away!" It's a funny little short animation, a talky if you will were no extensive action takes place, but it's funny. Cool end song at the end and I still dig the opening theme.

haha, you were right, it was a bad idea.

Heres the story on the punisher, he's just as much a contradiction as Capitol Punishement (no pun intended) Dealth penalty is killing people, because...thy...killed.....someone. Right, doesn't make sense.

But the Punisher is cool at the same time bacause he is a hero. He saves people, and kill those who do wrong to others. His point is not to make us agree that that we should kill all criminals, its just that, well, hes a little crazy. The severe trauma that he suffered almost made him kill himself, but than he wanted to avenge his family- cause he was pissed (who wouldn't be?)

After getting vengence, he realizes that "punishing" people is the one thing he can live for, to make te world a better place in his eyes.

Sure it may be contradictory, but dude- The Punisher is awesome! haha.

I understand your opint though, but the punisher still rules. (not as cool as deadpool though.)


This was really bad for a few reasons:
#1. Punisher is the most awesome comic book charachter ever.
#2. You fail to recognize the Punisher's motives.
#3. The graphics could definitely use some tune-ups.
#4. There's really no plot progression.
now here his real reasons...

This was really bad for a few reasons:
#1. Punisher is the most not awesomest comic book chacrzwe ever!
#2. You fail to recohsgfhvbize The Gaynesser's motives
#3. The graphics could...STFU AND GO DO A FLASH STUPID!
#4 This things plot is the same as the punisher's if that's what your saying

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3.40 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2004
12:16 AM EDT
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