Banana Fingers

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you FEEL sad?

thats just plain out crap.

Omg I hate it

He introduces himself…then he notices a monkey and begins to stroke it. This, apparently, causes him to breathe heavily. The End. I think what you fail to grasp about salad fingers is that the series is random but in a twisted way. This was just random in a boring way.

This must have taken all of an hour

Where do I begin...

This is... ugh.

I gave it some 1's, because the animation did include Sound and Graphics, and it had it's own special style... but note it did not contain humor -_-

Salad Fingers was awsome. When I heard of this I thought "This could be really funny... the voices could be good, and the humor could be pretty edgy and good." Now that I have seen it, none of this was true. 1/2 were just retarded, and 3/4 were trying hard to be funny, but were failing miserably.

P.S. The voice is the most grindingly obnoxious thing I have listened to in quite some time... all 4 could have been much better without that

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Sorry to sound typical... but that SUCKED.

I feel really bad acting like this, but seriously, this was just crap. To not be a typical asshole on this site, I will actually justify WHY I think this sucks so much.

1. It was fucking stupid. It had no plot. Even though the original SF (Salad Fingers) didn't have a plot either, it still had some corrolation to what happened previously.

2. The graphics blowed goats. It looked like you made this in 2 hours.

3. The sound quality and voice acting was HORRIBLE! The incessant heavy breathing was ridiculous, and the whole tapping the microphone thing was fucking ANNOYING.

There. Now I feel much better. *Rates a 0*

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2.49 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
11:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody