Banana Fingers

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This aint no Salad Fingers...

Haha. I found this quite amusing... But, not nearly as amusing and disturbing as Salad Fingers.. Oh lord how that Salad Fingers freaks you out, although carressing monkeys is quite disturbing aswell... Nice parody anyway.

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I HATE Salad Fingers

Since I HATE salad fingers, I'm glad someone made fun of it

i dont like it 4 and like it 6

i dunno, not that good, had an element of humour tho...well done

first is the best

Wow I watch this next to Banana Fingers 3 (what happened to banana fingers 2? Where is the point in that?) and it's hard to believe how much better this is.
It's still a LONG way from perfect but I'm surprised most people prefer the other one, I didn't understand the humour in that and in this one I did, the relevance to salad fingers was so much better with the heavy breathing exaggerated.
The sound was really good and very close to the real music used in the Salad fingers cartoon and the only problems I have with this are:

a) The graphics looked WAY too MS Paint - made and the graphics seemed very shakey, they actually wobbled whilst I watched this! You will definately need to sort this out.

b) It was a bit boring - not really much happened and nearly all of the flash consisted of banana fingers stroking a monkey. You really need to make this less repetetive, put in some good crazy Salad fingers action!

Overall a pretty funny spoof of salad fingers, the way you have replaced this with banana and put banana peels on the character is very interesting too. It's only a shame that the second one isn't half as good, but for this well done :)

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It was ok

they could have made the voices better though.

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2.49 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
11:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody