Banana Fingers

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o man thats funny..

uuuuuu. the breathing..... o good that was so funny. dont lessin to the other guys. if they did not like it. that means they did not like the breathing part. this guy hasnt probaly even seen salid fingers cous if he did then he would like it. nice job man.

You're getting better

I watched Banana Fingers Ep. 3 before I watched this...I clicked on it expecting to see you try and steal David Firth's idea, but instead you worked out a funny parody that I liked.
Having said that, I thought this first submission wasn't as good as it could have been.
Regardless of that, it seems quite a few people didn't like it...giving it straight zero's. They obviously don't recognize a parody and/or don't have much of a sense of humor.
All in all, you're shaping up quite nicely, keep them coming. But the golden rule with parody is asking permission....did you email David Firth and ask his permission?

Banana Fingers!

This is beautiful. I really enjoy Salad Fingers and this parody of it is very entertaining. The bad graphics, the characters voice...it makes it great. Its very funny stuff. !!

i loved it

make more banna fingers its the best spoof for that cartoon good job

dont listen to the other ignorant viewers

See this is what i'm talkin bout...your not really makin that much fun of salad Fingers...just magnifing its weirdness..and as a SF fan i must say its pretty fun to watch something like that...........unlike that other guy with the Salad Hunter.....

I think its ok to watch something just bein silly n showin the weirdness...and all the ignorant SF fans should just acccept it and hate other true salad finger haters.....cant wait to see 2nd one...hope it has your version of hubert comberdale?


Phoomph responds:

thank you, yes this is not a "hate on salad fingers" movie, nor is it a "i'm gonna steal David Firth's creation", it's just a little bit of fun. oh, and Hubert Cumberdale is in the next one, it should be on here in the next couple of days, episode 3 HAHAHA!

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Aug 24, 2004
11:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody