Banana Fingers

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Where do I begin...

This is... ugh.

I gave it some 1's, because the animation did include Sound and Graphics, and it had it's own special style... but note it did not contain humor -_-

Salad Fingers was awsome. When I heard of this I thought "This could be really funny... the voices could be good, and the humor could be pretty edgy and good." Now that I have seen it, none of this was true. 1/2 were just retarded, and 3/4 were trying hard to be funny, but were failing miserably.

P.S. The voice is the most grindingly obnoxious thing I have listened to in quite some time... all 4 could have been much better without that

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Parody Review

This movie rocks, it takes a serious flash like Salad Fingers and twists it around to create a humorous enviroment for fans and movie makers alike to enjoy. People who don't like this because of Salad Fingers should note that the creator, David Firth complimented Banana Fingers in a post on his own site =)

Pwned o_o

This parody is awful.

If Salad Fingers weren't so truely great, this would have ruined it for me. But fortunatly, I closed the window before it could affect me too deeply. The voice was all wrong, the animation was dreadful, and bananas...honestly...

hello chaps

hahaha, this is a great parody of the original

Oh My God! Yes!

Bout time someone made a Salad Fingers spoof! I love that series (it's one of my favorites), but sometimes it takes it self too seriously. Well, not really, I guess, but still. Great stuff.

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2.49 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
11:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody