Banana Fingers

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decent parody

In response to the last review, the whole point was to make fun of salad fingers, which explains why he looks like salad fingers. Still, this toon coulda used some improvements, but you fixed them around episode 3.


This movie was a decent movie, but the reason you got a 6 is b/c you kinda copied the salad fingers..it would've been much better if you created your own kind of char.

Good spoof

This was a pretty good spoof on Salad Fingers , specially the way it really exaggerated some of the things in Salad Fingers that tend to piss you off after a while. Maybe more of a story line though? Graphics crud also. Overall good though. Nowhere NEAR as bad as Banana Fingers 2...

first is the best

Wow I watch this next to Banana Fingers 3 (what happened to banana fingers 2? Where is the point in that?) and it's hard to believe how much better this is.
It's still a LONG way from perfect but I'm surprised most people prefer the other one, I didn't understand the humour in that and in this one I did, the relevance to salad fingers was so much better with the heavy breathing exaggerated.
The sound was really good and very close to the real music used in the Salad fingers cartoon and the only problems I have with this are:

a) The graphics looked WAY too MS Paint - made and the graphics seemed very shakey, they actually wobbled whilst I watched this! You will definately need to sort this out.

b) It was a bit boring - not really much happened and nearly all of the flash consisted of banana fingers stroking a monkey. You really need to make this less repetetive, put in some good crazy Salad fingers action!

Overall a pretty funny spoof of salad fingers, the way you have replaced this with banana and put banana peels on the character is very interesting too. It's only a shame that the second one isn't half as good, but for this well done :)

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Pretty poor imitation

This has not enough in common with Salad Fingers to be a parody and not enough original material to be more than a rip-off.
Okaeey, so the "second" episode - is Banana Fingers 3 supposed to be the second one or has weeblsstuff got it wrong? - has some amusing points, but this first one is absolutely shocking.

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2.49 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
11:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody