box catcher: iv (old)

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This is a follow up to the 1st Box Catcher game. The Controls are; ARROW KEYS to move left and right, SPACE BAR to jump & DOWN ARROW to dive.


((( VERY FUN )))

Very fun game, this had tons of items, great gameplay, fast reaction response, and funny sounds, it has great replay value, very fun and addictive, and great scoring system, this game was alla round fun, loved every bit of it, hope to see more of your work soon...


wow this is bad

sorry but this sucks ass you try to get the shit and he throws it down so fast and then he throws the things you are trying to avoid and he hits you head on with them and that thing that rolls on the ground wtf is that any way BLAM THIS PICE OF CRAP!

Maybe it was just me..

Or was this HYPER HARD?! Anyways, it's a good idea for a game, improve the controls response and fluidity.

roberte responds:

If this is hard, you must have trouble with a lot of console games. This game is soooo easy.

Not too bad.

The controls kind of sucked, change the jump button to the UP arrow key.

roberte responds:

I think that using the UP ARROW to jump would be too hard and it would give your left hand nothing to do.

i dont know which drove me insane first...

the bad graphiccs or the horrible gameplay?

roberte responds:

or the young kid that probly can use flash, hahaha

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3.24 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
9:37 PM EDT
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