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Salad Hunter

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Author Comments

I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.


All I feel here is nothing but hatred.
Pointless. That's not even funny.

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wtf this is shit not art

how dare you make fun and kill salad fingers we are all jugdes salad fingers has backup you know salad fingers won one of the best films in australia in2007 and will be a video game for the wii in 2012.

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Earn the animating skills and artistic vision of David Firth and I will accept this.

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That was extremely unoriginal

okay, so i'm not going to insult you for voicing your opinion about salad fingers, and you are entitled to say that watching it was a waste of time, but why waste even more of your time insulting it, putting david firth's work down and then creating a cartoon just to say u do not like it?

For you information i am only 14 and both me and all of my friends all love salad fingers we think it is very funny and very original and we think david firth should be congratulated on it.

Your cartoon however, was just not funny, maybe if it was longer and the voices were better in it then it may have been better, i will say that your salad fingers character was quite a good copy of him. (even if the voice was rather crappy)

I do think however, that you are rather sad for making this and also i think that if you say peoples opinions do not bother you then why do you reply so personally?

I think you think your opinion is always right and therefore everyone elses is wrong, i am sorry to be the one to tell you this but just because you do not like it it does not make it rubbish, Salad Fingers is amazing, and you can tell that by the following it has, also i think that shooting the creator is rather an immature thing to do, i think that david firth should now make a cartoon insulting you and then should kill you in it. (although im sure he would come up with a better way to kill you than shooting you)

You are an arsehole. but not because you hate salad fingers, you are an arsehole because you are obsessed with it, and you obviously have no good points to make as you have sunk low enough as to insult peoples grammar, btw, for anyone who said to salad fingers fans to use better grammar and to not write things like you fucking cunt, maybe you should tell that to the creator of salad hunter.

you say you are not bothered by what people say to you and yet you reply to comments in a very immature and insulting manner.

I await your insults about my grammar and your petty fuck offs and other incredibly gay insults even though there is nothing wrong with my grammar.

Oh yeah, you are a fucking moron who has no talent which is why u stole david firths ideas, just so u can get all the attention, i cannot believe i wasted all this time loading your crap cartoon and then commenting on it, although wen u insult me it will all be worth it!

Maverick0 responds:

See, that's YOUR opinion. I'm not replying personally, I'm replying objectively if anything. I understand people's different points of view but I don't agree with them. I keep telling you guys that I know my flash isn't great, I know it's not original, and that's all you people can keep saying about it.

Now, go look at all the previous posts and tell me you're not regurgitation information that was previously brought forth.

There's just not much point in replying to theese anymore, but I do, because I can't change the description of my flash anymore.

You wanna know all the shit that's been going around?


That's not right...

Dude, let me just think of the right things to say...

First off, the loading screen took longer than the whole show... SF was shot by some lame six-year-old-drawn... Desert Eagle? I bet you woke up one day saying "Hey! Maybe I'll kill some time making a flash movie with Salad Fingers being shot by some old guy with white hair wearing a 'Shut up, Bitch!' shirt, with a shitty looking Desert Eagle that doesn't even function properly!". The voice of SF talked like he was sucking the hairy balls of the bear-like dog..

But I'll admit I like the music, the Naruto BGM. And the time when SF flopped to the floor after you (The old loser was you, right?) shot him WAS pretty funny. But the crappy bear-looking dog took what supposed to be an overall score of 1 away... You get hate SF because you don't get it... Niether do I, but you don't see me making lame flashes about it...

You just don't appreciate the dark atmosphere of SF...
Pls respond, I like the nerdy loser-like way you respond, numbnuts.

Wait, that wasn't right, eh?

Maverick0 responds:

You're 14. 'nuff said.

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Credits & Info

1.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
7:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody