Salad Hunter

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I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.


Okay, after reading a few reviews..

Well, jesus christ, people, get over it! It's just a freakin flash! Whats the big deal. I myself sorta like Salad Fingers, but still, with all the reviews, well..people just take things way too seriously.

Although, the part where you were pretty much implying you were gonna kill David Firth, hence the guy shooting at the screen, well, it was a bit harsh.

My point is, PEOPLE! GET OVER IT!

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die salad fingers die

salad fingers makes no sense and doesn't have a real plot to follow, and is just plain stupid, the only thing good about salad fingers is banana fingers, now thats a hilarious comparison


What can I say? It was childish, and horribly done at that. There is no reason to freak about a toon just because you don't like it. Same goes for people who like it, doesn't mean everybody needs to start drawing like David Firth and making fan animations. Plus, now that you've pissed people off, they're going to judge the rest of your stuff according to their reaction to this toon.


Even if I hated Salad Fingers with a passion, this movie still would have made me lift an eyebrow. As a flash in itself, I'm sorry to say, it really just sucked. I'm sure you can do better.

real cute

It was a bit short, and the end was a bit ridiculous. Did we need the dog?

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1.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
7:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody