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Salad Hunter

rated 1.31 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Aug 24, 2004 | 7:08 AM EDT

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  • Salad Fingers
    Salad Fingers A strange cartoon about a creature who loves to touch rusty metal.

Author Comments

I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was a good flash, I bet half of the people who wrote reviews can't even do that kind of flash. I myself enjoy watching Salad Fingers, I think it's a really different kind of cartoon which makes it extremely interesting (to me). Apparently you don't feel the same way, so I respect that, unlike everyone saying 'blam this boo fuck you blam blam fuck blam shit shit blam blam' who think only their opinions. Sorry, but I think only 2 out of 15 people will like this. Me being one of the ones who didn't.

Maverick0 responds:

Well, nobody ever said you have to like this and i'm glad you're one of the few who can understand that. Just as I am not obligated to like salad fingers. :)


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


That was a pretty weak animation. Short, but had a bit of good workman ship to it. Personally, I wanted like to smack you around for a good minute after watching this. I suppose some people just don't want to embrace thought, just mindless killing.

I understand you apologised to the author of Salad Fingers, so I'll drop this there. Hopefully you'll understand the meaning behind Salad Fingers some day, instead of being so disgusted with it.

Overall, it's a poor animation. I hope its blammed. Though there are definitely much crappier animations out there, this is just here to anger Salad Fingers fans. It was a mistake for you to submit this. I hope to see you take this and learn from it, then press on.

One final thing, what was the music you were using for this one?

Maverick0 responds:

The music is from an Anime called "Naruto". You can probably find tons of info just by googling it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Only you understand my hatred for salad fingers and I'm glad someone did this. Please make more this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

i dont flame people

but why do you have to hate? so you hate salad fingers, no one cares accept people who are flamers like you, if someone was making fun of something i didnt like, i'd still get pissed. If you hate a flash cartoon... keep it to urself... puting i hate flash on newgrounds is a waste of space on the internet. You people need to find something to do other than hate eachother.

but besides the fact that this was a cartoon basher, i still have raves

first of all, its way to damn short, you coulda made a game out of it, where fingers pops out from behind a rock and u blow his brains out...
2nd the sound... sucked... my ears were bleeding the whole 30 seconds of the flash -.-

Maverick0 responds:

Hey asswipe, instead of telling me to keep it to myself, keep your own bullshit to yourself or leave me be.

I don't give a shit if you love salad fingers.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Okay, after reading a few reviews..

Well, jesus christ, people, get over it! It's just a freakin flash! Whats the big deal. I myself sorta like Salad Fingers, but still, with all the reviews, well..people just take things way too seriously.

Although, the part where you were pretty much implying you were gonna kill David Firth, hence the guy shooting at the screen, well, it was a bit harsh.

My point is, PEOPLE! GET OVER IT!

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