Salad Hunter

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I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.


I hate to tarnish the light aura but....

Okay, I usually have a light aura... But that just might change after today, cuz I've seen some shitty stuff today. But this is the first one I'm voting to blam... Congratulations, sir, you officially suck.

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yes! bout damn time!

yay! this is great! some one finaly blew the hell out of that annoying pointless creation. Maverick0 I think your my new hero.

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ha ha take that salad fingers

yeah thats pretty funny, that salad fingers is a weird character...also I like the gun ya used...a desert eagle :D

i looked it up

i was going to make one but i found out you did my was in 3d though and you got toi see the bullet going through his brain and splattering out. but i liked yours it was all right

haha nice

is think it was pretty cool, and a well done flash
(i gave a 5 becuz i want it to stay on newgrounds) :D

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1.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
7:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody