Salad Hunter

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I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.


not very nice

well i can understand how you dislike salad fingers and at times it is a bit weird and a bit retarded but hey just don't watch it.

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Dude.... I hate salad fingers, it's just terrible, it freaks me out badly... Its truly weird and creepy... I appreciate that you made this, its really good, no matter what these idiots below me say.. You did a great job. Thanks, I always wanted to kill that idiot!!!!! HAIL MAVERICK!!

Well, its ok for being thrown together in one afte

I like Salad Fingers I'm a fairly big fan of him and David Firth's stuff.

But I can find humor and appreciate something like this. I'd find it funny when Salad fingers get a hole blown in head.......

If there was talent. This was crap, not cause of the idea, but time and effort, but if you did do it in a afternoon, thats pretty good.

Also, David may be mental disturbed, but I say good Deal then, it brings to his unique, bizarre and fairly gripping sense of a insane and mysterious world. Its not bad, its just different, it just doesnt appeal to you.


HAHAHAHAH, i dont like salad finger but i also dont hate him. Hes Emo n kinda deppressed. LMFAO this was funny though. I dont see why people like him so mutch thought.

Just a little bit useless?

ummm... personally, I don't mind a good review except when you put it into video! isn't it just a BIT stupid to create a condemning video, with inferior graphics, inferior sound, hell, inferior everything onto the web. you just couldn't make an angry review, but instead you had to take the time to build a video. next time, just leave a review, because in this case, words are better than the work of an obviously mentally challenged 2nd grader with anger management problems that you have put on the world wide web for all to see, and thats putting it lightly.

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1.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
7:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody