Salad Hunter

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I apologized to Dave about a few things I said, but I still don't like salad fingers. I got nothing against the guy personally and he knows it now.

As for you fans taking this personally, I want to see your flashes of me being shat upon or whatever.. Sounds funny :p
....and people say I've got too much spare time.


Uh sir...

See, if you don't have anything nice to say about salad fingers, why even comment on it at all. I mean, if I don't like something, I don't tell the person. Just because you say that it's nothing against the artist (David Firth) doesn't mean you didn't hurt the artist's feelings. Even if you didn't hurt his feelings, imagine that you spent so much time on a video or something, and you we're super proud of it and someone just says ' I don't like it' how would you feel? Wow, that was a lot.

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like what kitten said

as i was saying thats not cool just because you dont like something doesn't mean you have to do something like this

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not cool bro.

leave artists to their business. and I am NOT a "fuck". you can really anger the audience like that.

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Thank you and your Desert Eagle .50 cal.

... XD

Hahahahahahahaahahha, now you friend of Salad Fingers, die you sick rust loving fuck! *boom* freaking awesome, but do the fact i like salad fingers i give you an 9 - good graphics though !

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1.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2004
7:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody