rudiger vs monster

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ok this is an interactive thing about my new comic. i would really really appreciate it if you reviewed this and if i get good reviews and score then this will probally become a series. thanx and i hope you enjoy



Whats the point

What the hell is this this is like eskimo bob gone emo comic style... Dude get your head straight...and aquired taste...ha no...i dont think anyone can aquire a taste for shit

rudiger2 responds:

rumor has it MOBY eats his poo

but yeah eskimo bob has gone emo comic style
and i am sorry for this
but you wanna check my new comic
it's like brackenwood gone emo comic style
and the soundtrack is by blink, johnny cash and the aquabats

(lol blink r emoo so u r as well so dat means ur dissin ursellv lololol)


No offense, really, but it sucked. Sucked badly if you want my opinion. The comics were not funny at all!AT ALL! Sorry man but that's what I think. I put a 9 of sound because the music was nice,I liked it.

rudiger2 responds:

it's an aquired taste. a lot of people find them unfunny, the people who where brought up reading vasquez and watching spunco usually find them hilarious.

((( COOL IDEA )))

I really liked this idea of the comics it was neat, and i been wanting to do something like that, anyways nice idea, and great color use, hope to see more like it soon, oh ya btw awsome music...


rudiger2 responds:

I am glad you enjoyed. i have made about twenty of these but they got blammed so...


Great make more what u been smoking give me some

rudiger2 responds:

how many reviews have i got that are like this sigh

anyway thanx 4 the 7

fun to watch

not too bad at all, my friend.
i like comics, and i'd say my fav's out of those 5 were 1,4 and 5. if i was to make a suggestion, try to make the comics as long as possible, to keep people entertained for a longer period of time.
anyways, the graphics were pretty good - comics were well made.
animation... well, there wasnt really any animation. meh.
music was good, went well with the movie.
oeverall, nice work. keep it up.
overall score: 6/10

rudiger2 responds:

thank you
i may do a long graphic novel type episode, i am actually hoping on releasing a book on cafepress, i'm glad i made a good choice of music thanx 4 the six

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2.12 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2004
2:03 PM EDT
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