Nuggets Ep6 - Hey, Baby

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Here it is, Nuggets Episode 6, finally complete. I'd like to thank Tom for putting this on the frontpage. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

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You're a genious.

Great timing, Amazing originality, you are a great comedic writer. lol Keep it up nugz :P


fucking awesome


holy jeebus Ive never seen something this productive outta stoners before, dude its simply put...gutwrenchingly funny. Oh god, just let me list my fav parts:

1.Dog bark spaz out time
2. Watt's (apostiphy) baby rant."Im burnin the cookys.
3. The authentic laugh bursts
4. Jabba the Hutt.
5. The phone being not connected to anything.
6. "sex with an ugly person"
7. The TV show they were watchin.
8. Random nugs placed throughout.
9. "Wattz your cookys EXPLODE.".. "it go boom.."
10. Potleaf under table (only cause u wouldnt see it right away.
and lastly.. Lucky <bkspace< Spliff's grave.

oh wait, did I just describe the whole damn movie, oh well that was insane, u on the faves and i now go to check out your others.

In conclusion, that flash made my day in a way words cant explain, but memories can. Make more and more and more cause your humor is like none other dude.Im out.

B. Low

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not bad

I have too say, i didnt expect much of this when i began watching it. As it weht on though, it got better and became a halfway decent production. Keep it up.

Nicely Done...

Episode 6 was definitely the best yet. I really love this series. And it will continue to grow...

P.S. Stop making me more of a homosexual in the movies. I assure all the watching audience, Omar is not actual sexually confused in real life. I've put my penis in numorous vaginas (ok, two, but still)...

Miggs responds:

Haha, sorry, Omar, but this is where we're going with the character. Just wait until the next episode. Anyway, thanks for the good words on it. Much love to the Nugget Fuckers.

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Aug 23, 2004
6:00 AM EDT
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