Nuggets Ep6 - Hey, Baby

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Here it is, Nuggets Episode 6, finally complete. I'd like to thank Tom for putting this on the frontpage. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

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Pretty funny

I thought this was a pretty good movie because it was funny and it managed to do it for a long time. Too bad I can imagine this cartoon gettin old very quickly if you can't keep the humor up.

seen it about 20 times and it's still funny!

why is it that momac's hair turns from blonde to purple in the three days that they're drunk?

Not sure how it got the front page.

This was my first time watching the nuggets and I gotta say I was a little disappointed when I first started watching it and didn't think it was front page material. I almost X'ed it out before it started getting good. It started getting good when they started drinking [like things tend to do] :D I'm definately glad I watched it all the way thru now. Definately worth a watch. Check it out.

It was very strange

This is the worst thing I have seen in the entries, and it was good. I really liked the voices of the characters and how stupid they sounded. It kind of reminded me of the "I Love Egg" series only with lots of alcohol and dead babies. It was strange how the theme seemed to be changing, especially that random thing in the beginning. Then again, the beginning probably was in fact the funniest part of the cartoon. I do think that it went on a bit too long and should have more action.

This is definitly an awesome series

This series is a good show of thought and artwork by its author. Couds to you and keep trucking along because your series has the potential to be amazing. Keep up the kcik ass work!

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Aug 23, 2004
6:00 AM EDT
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