Classic Zork Trilogy

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Three classic free text adventure games from the early 1980s and some extremely frightening ActionScript make, well, this. You can play all three full games in Flash. Save and restore functions are included.

Hopefully it's good for at least a little nostalgia!

(Note: To type in commands, click the blue area at the bottom to the right of the white arrow.)



How you did this... how you nearly (there is one bug when you quit one game and go into another, where it enters double commands for a bizarre reason) flawlessly fed the data of these timeless classics into the Flash format...

This is a tragedy, as it was grossly underrated, grossly unviewed, and how you, the author, are a Level 1 account who probably quit right after submitting this.

The best I can do is spread the word about this genius.

This, is the best Flash ever made.


tihs is one of the best things on newgrounds i am a big fan of zork but i can only beat one

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Ah, Zork...

I knew little (believe it or not) about this series until I brought out our old atari 800 and do you know what my dad had for it, yep "Zork I" I put the floppy disk in and started playing (after it loaded of course) and I had a blast. However thinks to your fine flashwork, I can now play all three old zork games for free, and with the ability to save (I didn't have a save disk for zork on the atari). Thanks. :)


What can I say? This is a great game...a big fan of the Zork series. I love it! I'm out of words...

((( DECENT )))

Well notbad, very interactivity and entertaining, i like how you had multiple options making it interesting and lots more to do, could have used more visuals though, but overall it was entertaining...


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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2004
3:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Other