Classic Zork Trilogy

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Three classic free text adventure games from the early 1980s and some extremely frightening ActionScript make, well, this. You can play all three full games in Flash. Save and restore functions are included.

Hopefully it's good for at least a little nostalgia!

(Note: To type in commands, click the blue area at the bottom to the right of the white arrow.)


Hmm... Tis good.

I'm getting the same problem I get with Zork in the olden days: I can't seem to get the thief to appear before I meet him in his treasure room, meaning I can't get the canary... :( Maybe if I wander around the maze a bit more, he'll appear... Good porting of the ultimate text based game (I've never understood why nobody does text-based games any more... They have a larger scope for multiple storylines, as they don't have any proper graphics, it's all just text and following flowcharts with many interlocking webbed branches. You could make a TRILLION storylines just in one game, made to last you a fair few months to find every single solution...)

Love it.

I love zork. Im so obsessed with it its not even funny, and I just want to say great job on putting this up. It is an almost perfect recreation of zork, and you should be proud. Nice work.

I Found It!

I was looking online for Black Ops cheats and found out that Zork could be unlocked! but when i started playing the words were to small on the screen so when i found that i was very excited to start playing.

PS. To save you simply type "save". Hoped that helped.


I didn't think it would be legal to do this, but it's a near-perfect port of the Zork trilogy, with save/load features.

Back then, when text games were popular, there were only a few commands. Zork was revolutionary in that there were hundreds of commands to use, many being variations of existing commands, so not only did you not have to constantly try commands to use, but it was hilarious to type in "kill self" and have the game tell you, "You damn fool, what did you expect". These games also had their own immersive worlds and stories.

Also, when Zork first came out, there was no internet, so in order to actually get through the game, you had to draw the map out yourself.

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wanted to play zork for a while so thx and btw how do you save and load your save

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Aug 22, 2004
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