One P3n0r 2 Rule Them All

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If j00 look back on my older movies, j00 can defiantly (j00 mean definitely, idiot) tell they aren’t teh same quality as they are now. Teh original “One Penor to Rule Them All”, while the premise was funny, wasn’t very good looking. I’ve been wanting to redo teh movie for a long time because of that, and now finally found some extra time!

It isn't ment to be mind glowing (or do j00 mean mind blowing?), but please enjoy!

***Flash Movie #120***


something diffrent

for once piconjo made a flash movie that actually is funny, not the usual dick-obesssed shit

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

j00 obviously haven't seen 2 many of my movies.
much <3


hahaha Screw Legendary Frog his animation was always crap anyways.
I find your blamming of him quite hilarious, Keep it up,
Although i think you should tone down on the penis jokes, there overwhelming and you have quite alot

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Its a great flash.

Forst off, I'd like to say I'm sorry to you for losing someone you hold dear.

Now, on to the flash. First thing I liked is the music. It blended very well with the overall mood of the animation. Another thing I liked is the use of black and a little white to present a dark and grim feeling. The animation and design quality is great, and the text was well written.

I give it a thumbs up!

P.S: Again, I'll say I'm sorry for you losing someone you held dear.

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

I may have lost Legendary Frog, but I think we can still work things out. he knows I will always <3 him and will forgive him for all the bad things he's done. thank j00 for the sincere condolences. <3 j00

haha picanjo flashes rule

animation is just way better than what i can do, even though those are like the same damn drawings as lf. but, inclosing...

picanjo > life > NG > Flash > people > me> you


lol awesome

Nicely done very funny

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
11:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody