One P3n0r 2 Rule Them All

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If j00 look back on my older movies, j00 can defiantly (j00 mean definitely, idiot) tell they aren’t teh same quality as they are now. Teh original “One Penor to Rule Them All”, while the premise was funny, wasn’t very good looking. I’ve been wanting to redo teh movie for a long time because of that, and now finally found some extra time!

It isn't ment to be mind glowing (or do j00 mean mind blowing?), but please enjoy!

***Flash Movie #120***


looks like a great movie

Looks like a great movie to me! people are to serious, your work is great, so if LF's people just need to calm down and understand when something gets popular parodys will me made.

ta da.

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

when something is popular or when crappy movies are overrated.


that was just pure ownage.


i <3 piconjo

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

I <3 j00 2

Another Masterpiece

It's become pretty obvious by now that Legendary Frog can do no wrong. I thrououghly enjoyed this, and it'd be neat to see you try to pursue it in a full length styling, but as I can tell you probably won't. Either way, this was an amusing flash, though for some reason some of the sound was a little off, I don't know if it's just me or not.


You must REALLY hate legendary frog. Lmao, this is funny as shit.

Good job, make more!

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

no, if I haited him I wouldn't have made that tribute. obviously I >3 him. and I <3 j00.

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
11:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody