World Domination: Intro

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The introduction of my new series "World Domination"


Hmm...id say not bad.

But HECK! Even my 13 year old bro can draw better veichles and battle situations than u not even talking about me! Spend more time scrabbling some units and other stuff on the paper, for an example, take the NOD buildings from C&C Renegade and try to redraw em to your drawing board with a pencil. Get some practice, otherwise flash was good. Better than me XD

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

the vehicles look WAY better on paper, i got lazy remakin them on the comp, but i get the point your makin, ill put a bit more effort in other flashes, thanx

hah. pretty good.

this wasnt really like an intro.. more like a short movie.. yea too long to be an intro.. neways i liked but, you should work on your drawing a little bit because this movie wasnt really..welll... top notch.. eheh. neways this one was a good one but kind of corny like a comic i made when i am bored at school with no real plot or interesting parts. next time spend a bit more time on the building of the guys.. you r a great animator i must say so keep up the good work..

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

thankyou, i will keep that in mind

((( COOL )))

Hey notbad that was cool, i like the style you went with, and its somewhat sci-fi, just like i like, good view shots and detail in the art, made for a neat littl flash, keep it up...


Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

thanx, i like kind reviews. damn, how can i be odd and crazy if people dont leave mean reviews? jk, thanx

Very nice

I believe there is one problem...the graphics. You obviously did put effort into it, but if at all possible make them a bit better. Don't get me wrong...it wasn't half bad.

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

the frame rate was only 12 frames per seconds. i forgot to speed it up *im a dwum* thanking for kind revooW.

~jim bob......book

p.s. pms wahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Not too bad

Obviously some time and effort went into this, so I'd feel bad giving it a bad score. The real weak area wasn't the machines themselves, but the guy himself, the explosions, and little things like that. Not a bad movie, overall.

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

i completley agree with you,i didnt like the guy i drew either,i should have put more effort into it,but i didnt, thats what tootbook was supposed to do ,but he didnt, so i kept it as that. My prime concern was the machines anyway, so thankyou, i will try harder on the people

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3.42 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
11:29 PM EDT
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